Metal Copper Dispenser

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Copper is the key component in the production of new cells that help replenish the top layers of your skin and keep it fresh and glowing.Water is the most essential element to sustain life on this planet. 70 percent of a human body is made up of water. You may not have known this but in ancient times, our ancestors and even our grandmothers followed the practice of storing water in containers made of copper. Their aim was probably to safeguard drinking water but there's more to the story. In today's modern world where we have UV filters and ro purifiers to purify water, the storage of water in metal containers may sound old-fashioned and not needed.The best way to reap the best benefits from Copper is to fill water in a Copper cup, leave it overnight and drink the water very next morning.


$ 43.06
Artisan Name kunal
Artisan Id UTHDL03ME599034
Color Natural Colour
Dimensions 14 x 8x 14 Inches
Weight 2 Kg
Maximun Load Capacity 5 Litre
Care Do not use any abrasive material to clean this
Delivery Within 15 Days

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